Microgaming Casinos


If online casino gaming vendors were likened to the English Premier Football League, then Microgaming would be Arsenal or Manchester United. Without a doubt, Microgaming produces some of the highest quality online gambling software in the world today. Founded many years ago, Microgaming casinos are estimated to generate over 75% of all online gambling revenue.

This is no small feat considering the sheer competitiveness of the online gambling industry. To remain at the fore of online casino gaming, Microgaming releases new Microgaming Viper games every few months which always seem to improve on those that came before. It is this strive for excellence that has made Microgaming a force to reckoned with and a favorite gaming vendor amongst both the online casinos and online gamblers alike.

Microgaming Casinos casino gaming

Part of Microgaming’s winning formula are the close relationships it forms with the casinos that use and promote its software. This is to ensure honesty and integrity for online gamers. In fact, Microgaming requires casino operators to use independent auditing firms such as PriceWaterHouseCoopers to conduct frequent audits on their games and payouts to ensure fair gaming practices.

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